City of Fruitland


Building Department

The building official inspects residential, commercial and industrial development within the city to assure compliance with all applicable codes.

Danny Little
Building Official
(208) 707-0725

Jeff Dickinson
Building Inspector
(208) 707-0724


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the minimum size structure that requires a building

A.  200 square feet. Sheds or similar structures under 200 square
     feet require a $25 site permit. Accessory buildings must be 5' from
     the residence. 

Q. What are the setback requirements?
A. Setback requirements vary and it is best to consult with the
    building official.

Q. Is a building permit required to install a fence?
A. Fences installed in a front yard should be no higher than 3' and
    no building permit is required. It is recommended that the building
    official be consulted for fences in areas that may need to adhere
    to rules regarding vision triangles for traffic safety, these are most
    commonly corner lots. A building permit is required for any
     fence over 7'.

Q. Do patios require a building permit?
A. Patios attached to a residence require a building permit.
    Decks may also require a permit. It is best to consult with the
    building official.