City of Fruitland


Police Department

The Fruitland City Police Department is a full service agency that provides twenty-four hour police service to the citizens of Fruitland. Uniform officers respond and investigate all reported crimes, code enforcement violations, traffic complaints and other requests for public assistance.

Office (208) 452-3001
Dispatch (208) 452-3110

J.D. Huff
Police Chief

Terry Tams
Police Clerk

Pam Duncan
Police Clerk
Scott Neill
Animal Control/Ordinance Officer
Charles Lewis
Animal Control/Ordinance Officer

"You Are Not Alone"

The "You Are Not Alone" program is designed to assist Fruitland senior citizens who may be home alone during the day or who live alone and would welcome a police officer to stop and check on them periodically. Officers will make sure the senior is not in need of immediate medical care, their home is secure, utilities are working and they are not being victimized by scams.

Any senior citizen within the city limits of Fruitland may participate in the program by calling the police department at 452-3001 or completing the form found at the "Senior Well Check Request Form" link below.

CodeRED is an emergency notification system allowing Payette County to notify citizens in an emergency situation. The service is fee to all citizens and businesses within Payette County.

CodeRED delivers notification through a high speed telephone calling system to phone numbers in the CodeRED database. A pre-recorded message will be sent with information about an incident and possibly instructions for action to be taken.

For further information, please visit or you may call 642-6006 extension 2.