Payette County Paramedics

Payette County Paramedics provide paramedic level emergency care to the citizens of Payette County and surrounding areas.

Each ambulance is equipped to provide the highest level of pre-hospital and interfacility transport capability possible.  We carry mechanical ventilators, IV pumps, cardiac monitors with 12-lead EKG, pacemaker and defibrillator functions as well as a full array of medications to handle any emergency.  We also have specially designed and stocked kits just for our pediatric patients.

All of our staff members are fully trained in emergency care and each ambulance is assigned both a Paramedic and an Intermediate EMT. Our focus is to provide the best in quality emergency medical care and to maintain a positive relationship within the community.  We are available anytime for your transport needs.

For questions or concerns, please call (208) 452-7911.


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