The City of Fruitland has operated two aerated lagoon treatment plants for over twenty years. One is approximately twelve acres in size and is located adjacent to the Snake River. The other is a five acre plant located adjacent to the Payette River. Both plants receive a combination of domestic sanitary and industrial waste water for secondary treatment. Each plant receives the majority of organic loads from industrial sources. The total operating volumes are approximately 20 million gallons at Snake River and 8 million gallons at Payette River. Periodic operating permits are required from the Idaho DEQ and US EPA. Maximum limits on the pollutants that may be discharged into the Snake and Payette Rivers are set by the US EPA National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System.

The Payette River plant was expanded in 1991. Passage of a $650,000 sewage bond in 1995 is enabling the city to further upgrade the sewage treatment system. Upgrades completed in 1996 for the Snake River sewage lagoon include a Lemna system and duckweed harvesting equipment to provide cleaner water and aerating equipment to add oxygen to the waste water. On the Payette River, modifications have been made to the rock filter to enhance treatment during cold weather.

With average flows of .2 to .3 million gallons per day, each facility has sufficient hydraulic capacity to effectively treat Fruitland's domestic, commercial and industrial wastewater. The current design holds the capacity for future domestic growth, but with its high organic levels there is little room for increased industrial loading without adequate pre-treatment at the affecting industries.

Utility Rates

The following rates are for a 3/4" service line:

Monthly water rate is $44.99 plus $1.72 per 1,000 gallons used.

Monthly sewer rate is $36.01.

A minimum bill with no water usage is $81.00.