Utilities - Water/Sewer

Utility Services

To start water/sewer service, please submit an Application for Water/Sewer Service and copy of driver's license for applicant and roommate/spouse.

To terminate water/sewer service, please submit a Termination of Water/Service form. Any deposit will be applied to any amount owing and any remaining deposit will be returned.

The following utility rates are for a 3/4" service line:

Monthly water rate is $44.99 plus $1.72 per 1,000 gallons used.

Monthly sewer rate is $36.01.

Minimum water/sewer bill with no water usage is $81.00. A Reduced Rate Request of $47.00 is available for those who will have services off for extended periods of time, such as snowbirds or vacancies.

Level Pay is available to homeowners who would like to pay an even monthly amount throughout the year. For this service, submit a Level Pay Application. To terminate level pay, please submit a Level Pay Termination Form.

Utility bills are sent out the first of each month and due on the 20th. If payment is not received by the 25th day of the month, a $5.00 delinquent fee will be assessed. If the past due amount is not paid by the 22nd of the following month, a fee of $25.00 will be assessed and services will be terminated. If services are terminated, the delinquent and current balances of the account shall be paid in order to restore services.

Payments may be made: 

By mail.

Delivered to city hall during business hours.

Payment Drop Box located in the drive-thru

Online. A 3% fee is assessed for use of a credit/debit card.

Direct Pay - payment is automatically drawn from your bank account on the 15th of each month. To sign up for this service, submit a Direct Pay Applicationand a voided check. To terminate direct pay service, please submit a Direct Pay Termination Form.